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Summary 2018 , Set Sail 2019

Summary 2018 , Set Sail 2019

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2018 Summary , set sail 2019
Summary 2018, set sail 2019


       To sum up 2018, set sail 2019, Shenzhen Techstar Electronics Incorporated Ltd.,the marketing department personnel went to Shaoguan to hold the "2018 Work Summary and 2019 Work Plan" operation meeting and the pilgrimage of Nanhua Temple 
on December 7th,2018, which was made a complete success. 

        At the meeting, all employees were determined to work under the leadership of the company at all levels, unite and cooperate, and successfully completed the tasks of the year. Looking back on 2018, although we have not achieved very impressive results, peace and smoothness are our greatest achievements. Looking forward to 2019, I believe that the company will have greater development prospects. We will do a better job, learn lessons carefully, find out the problems in the work, and provide better service to our customers!