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Taiwan company visit Techstar company

Taiwan company visit Techstar company

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Taiwan company visit Techstar company
Distance is not a problem, Taiwan company visit Techstar

On January 12, Taiwan company conducted a site visit to Shenzhen Techstar Electronics Incorporated Corporation,and the sales manager of Techstar accompanied the company to explain the clean assembly workshop, production line and R&D center, test center, and the next step. The cooperation of the new project has carried out in-depth communication and communication.


"Electronic treasure island" Taiwan, I believe everyone knows that since the 1980s, Taiwan has been known for its cheap and good computer foundry industry. Among the 1,850 listed companies in Taiwan, 830 are related to the electronics industry, which is a veritable “electronic treasure island”. And their rich experience and technology have a fast and accurate guiding effect and reference for our company.

Techstar has been committed to the R&D, innovation and production of high-quality LCD screens for more than 20 years. At present, our products have been favored by customers in foreign markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Techstar is based in China, and its overseas market development is constantly increasing. It is developing its layout in North America and Australia, and actively promotes “Made in China” to the world.

The grand plan of tomorrow, such as Qi Peng, spreads its wings and flies into the sky. I wish the company to work together to create new success!