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The show finished | our story just begin~~

The show finished | our story just begin~~

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The show finished | our story just begin~~
The show is over | our story just begin~~
On June 2, 2019, the 39th Taipei International Computer Show, which lasted five days, came to a successful conclusion. We have nostalgia and nostalgia. And [Techstar] will remember this process and the encounter between "we". . .

In the pavilion, we welcome guests from all directions with professional service attitude and create a feeling of being at home. Lead customers to visit the exhibition hall. Provide them with detailed explanations and introductions. We hope to leave our memories as quickly as possible in the short time. . .



At the exhibition where people come and go, every “you” step into our pavilion and join this big family, let us have an interaction. These days, I can always see your "confession" to [Techstar], and today, we have to say to you, and we hope to join hands in creating a better future!